putting mom's first. Let's bring comfort and femininity back to motherhood.


Mumdies was designed by a doula with intention and love.

Our creator, Giovanna Aiello, spends her days and nights as a birth and postpartum doula, supporting women through their most vulnerable moments. After supporting so many women for so many years this is how the creation of Mumdies came to be!

Here at Mumdies, we noticed quite a significant gap in the market for undergarments that support women during their most sensitive times (ie: in labour and after birth). There are a very limited number of maternity underwear options for women on the market that are functional, supportive and comfortable. The postpartum product industry has not yet evolved past pads and mesh underwear and many women struggle just to fit into these and feel good. Moms need more and deserve more!

My mission is to put moms first. This lives at the foundation of our Doula services at Mindful Mommy and is the ethos of Mumdies Maternal Underwear Inc.

I am Giovanna Aiello, the creator and founder of Mumdies!

Mumdies founder Giovanna AielloIn 2017, Giovanna started her first company Mindful Mommy Doula & Birth Photography Services. Her team at Mindful Mommy has attended hundreds of births and supported hundreds of women! Her team of doulas are trained for postpartum support, breastfeeding, Spinning babies techniques, meditation and even sleep doula care. She and her team have supported hundreds of women with the aim of empowering them with love, acceptance and intention through their individual birth processes.

Giovanna lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her husband and her daughter Giulia. She and her husband are both entrepreneurs and love the life of creating and helping others through their work.

Giovanna has an educational background in Fashion Management and design and has had many years of working with different materials, fabrics and fits. Creating and designing a product that fits well and is comfortable is an extremely important feature of Mumdies.