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Mumdies Maternity Underwear

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Our new line of eco-friendly disposable maternity underwear is designed specifically for pre and postnatal moms. Their lining absorbs labour fluids and postpartum bleeding so that moms can feel confident, comfortable and cared for. Mumdies are designed by a doula and have been specifically created to put Moms first.

We are still in the prototype phase. When we are ready to ship, we will be shipping within Canada and the United States. We appreciate your patience and interest!

  • Mumdies are made from a bamboo blend and have been engineered to be maximally breathable.

    Our product encourages healing for Moms who may have experienced stitches or tearing from birth / delivery. They also have mild antiseptic properties to help remove odours and decrease the chance of infection. There is also a special weave design that prevents stitches from getting caught. Our V shape design allows for a soft fit and it also allows air flow access to C-Section incisions to encourage healing.

  • Mumdies are leak proof and odour-free!

    In order to ensure you are protected from those frustrating leaks we have designed our product to absorb up to 3 cups of fluid ! We do, however, recommend that you keep a close eye on your postpartum bleeding flows. Please see more info about this in the Mumdies Postpartum 101 section.

    We’ve got you, girl.

  • Made to fit moms of all shapes and sizes.

    Mumdies are comfortable and stretchy with a V-shaped waist to fit every growing and shrinking belly. Mumdies have been designed to be discreet so you can wear them under regular clothes, helping you feel secure and comfortable in the last days or weeks of your pregnancy.

  • Mumdies are disposable and biodegradable.

    We believe that is the best way to encourage your healing, minimize infection and be kind to Mother Earth (yes, we put ALL moms first!). Simply put your used Mumdies into the green bin with your baby’s diapers. Choosing Mumdies is care for yourself and for the environment.